Movie: Equilibrium

I admit I’m a huge Christian Bale fan. Thus the renting of “Equilibrium”, which also has Sean “I’ll always be known as Boromir” Bean in a minor role in the beginning. The movie was set in the future, in a time when war and hate crimes are averted by a required medication given to all humans to minimize their emotions and feelings. Apparently wars and hate crimes start with art, music and books because those are all outlawed. Christian Bale stars as the leading Cleric (cop) who roots out Sense Offenders (those who go off meds and start feeling again). By accident he missed a dose of his medicine and starts to feel pangs of conscience.

Interesting premise, to say the least. A bit far-fetched since I don’t see the likes of Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden signing up to take the meds. But *shrug*, I’m willing to go with it for the sake of the movie.

I liked the fight scenes – very well done and fun to watch. Christian Bale did a good job as well and boy howdy do I really like Taye Diggs (he’s hot). Towards the end it got a little predictable, but then Bale got his swerve on and did some great sword battle sequences.

Entertaining – glad I rented it.

3 adorable puppies hidden in the trunk out of five.

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