Movie: Enchanted

Yesterday during my Jane Day I was able to see a couple movies. First up was “Enchanted.”

The movie started as an animated movie where Giselle (later portrayed by Amy Adams) is destined to marry Prince Edward (later played by James Marsden) and live happily ever after. But Edward’s step-mother Queen Narissa (later played by Susan Sarandon) doesn’t want to give up the throne and will do anything to get Giselle out of Edward’s life. The Queen pushes Giselle into a well that magically lands Giselle smack in the middle of the Times Square in New York City. There begins the hilarious live-action section of the movie where Giselle is not equipped to survive in NYC. By chance she meets Robert (Patrick Dempsey) who decides to help her, at the behest of his daughter Morgan (Rachel Covey).

It was a VERY well done movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Made by Disney, it is an ode to itself, really. Lots of Disney references (I laughed when a Muzak version of “Part of Your World” played in the lobby of Robert’s law firm). Amy Adams, as Gisele, was wonderful. She perfectly captured everything Disney loves in its Princesses without being too corny or over-the-top. Patrick Dempsey did a credible job, although his hair was very distracting during the movie (it needed to be much shorter – it was too floppy).

As others have noted in blog reviews I’ve seen, it was a shame that Idina Menzel was in the movie as Robert’s girlfriend but wasn’t given a single song to sing, although it would have been weird for her character to break out into song (although it would have fit in her last scene, for sure).

All in all this was the perfect bit of fluff I was looking for on my vacation day, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t wait to get the DVD when it comes out – this one is definitely going to become a favorite of mine.

4 1/2 sewing pigeons out of five.

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  1. Definitely one of the cuter movies I have seen lately! Did you just crack up at the scene with the rats and roaches?? Bwahahaha! So funny!

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