Movie: Cold Mountain

I remember when the book “Cold Mountain” first came out several years ago. It got such great reviews that I picked up a copy and with great excitement began reading.

What a load that book was. I didn’t even finish it – it was that boring.

I rented the movie from Netflix but I was very afraid the movie would be just as boring as the book. And in a lot of ways it was – for me the movie was a bit plodding and repetitious. Set during the Civil War (I appreciated the Battle of Petersburg in the beginning of the movie since I wrote a paper in college on that particular battle), Inman and Ada are two young (!) people who fall in love based on very little conversation and a kiss. Yeah right. I’m supposed to believe that these two people yearn for each other for three years during the war? How very “English Patient”.

And yes, I know the movie was done by the same guy that did “The English Patient” – another movie that wasted my time, even though Ralph Fiennes was hot in it and my fake boyfriend Colin Firth was also in it. When it comes to “The English Patient” I’m like Elaine Benes on Seinfeld – I’d rather see “Sack Lunch”.

Anyway, back to “Cold Mountain” – I thought Renee Zellweger was outstanding, Jude Law was a little stiff and cold, and Nicole’s accent was terrible (Jude’s wasn’t much better). The pacing of the movie was terribly slow (much like the book, actually). And the ending? Completely expected. It was all I could do not to roll my eyes as I ejected this movie from my DVD player.

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  1. Wow… we agree 100% on two movies. I hated “The English Patient”… and I thought “Cold Mountain” was a bit weak. I loved the Ruby (Renee Zellweger)character so much that it gave me an appriciation for R.Z. that I never had before.

    I never read the book, but according to you, that may be a good thing.

  2. AAH, how I hated that book. I brought it into hospital with me when I was expecting my baby and read it during my 48 hour labour (don’t worry I had an epidural my pain was all mental). I hated it, it was dreadful, dreadful, dreadful. And so bloodly long. And tedious. And annoying. I did think of getting out the vid on the basis that dreadful books can make quite good films but thanks to your thoughtful review I have now saved myself 2 euros 50.

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