Movie: Closer

People, I have been watching some incredibly depressing movies lately. So depressing that this morning I went into my Netflix list and put some fluffy movies near the top of the queue so that I wouldn’t commit harikari.

The latest depressing movie was “Closer”, which was a critic’s darling a few months ago, from director Mike Nichols.

Decent performances aside (I heart Natalie Portman) I just can’t recommend this movie about four people in various adulterous relationships with each other. I was bitterly disappointed that my fake boyfriend Clive Owen was the foul one of the bunch. The various coarse actions and words from his character (“Larry”) made me sad that he opted to go with this performance instead of that of Dan, which he played in the original play. Not that Dan was a likable character either, but he wasn’t as gross as Larry.

Anywho, as character portrait it was a decent movie, as entertainment it was no “The Graduate”, which along with HBO’s “Wit” may be the ONLY two Mike Nichols movies I like.

1 1/2 passports out of five.

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