Movie: Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian

Rumors abound that after the dismal performance of Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian that Disney is not going to make anymore Narnia movies. And I think that’s very sad, because I watched “Prince Caspian” last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was just as good as the first one, and I do plan on adding it to my Blu-Ray library at some point.

The main problem is that the studio released the movie this past summer, when it had to fight for position with dozens of other summer movies. If they had kept their release to December as it did with the first one, this movie would have made TONS of money and been just as highly regarded as the first one (and deservedly so). But they were so worried about going up against the latest Harry Potter movie, they switched the dates. And then Potter changes ITS release date to 2009, and “Caspian” got screwed. Becauase there are NO really good movies out right now – just a handful since November. “Caspian” would have been just what the movie theaters needed right now – a big blockbuster action/fantasy film. *sigh*

It looks like they still intend to do a third film, albeit not with Disney attached anymore (which is possibly a good thing). I’m hopeful that with Disney unattached they’ll have a better box office with the third movie – which will hopefully inspire them to do the next one as well and complete the series.

And do I see Ben Barnes (who played Caspian) as a good potential “Jacob” in the Twilight series? You betcha.

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  1. I’ve heard a rumor that Ben Barnes has been in talks to play Aro in New Moon (but I agree…he would make a mighty fine Jacob).

  2. Rumored to play a more Mature Jacob is Michael Copon. (very cute IMHO) but the article I read said that Taylor Lautner is in a fierce work-out routine so he doesn’t lose the part. The article also said his (T.L) fans are up in arms about the possible recast.

    The article also said: “Ben Barnes wants a bite of the Twilight franchise, the 27 year old British Hunk reportedly hopes to land the part of mind-reading vampire Aro in New Moon” I myself don’t find him so much of a hunk as whom ever wrote the article. Meh.

  3. Forgot to comment about Price Caspian. I can only say, that I bought the movie on BluRay and it looks OUTSTANDING. I will also say it was a very hard movie to find after Christmas. I had to try 3 Best Buy’s before I found it. (sadly nobody got it for me for Christmas) Even the third Best Buy where I found it only had 2 copies left. The movie is very well done (even if they took some liberties with the book) but I would hope they would see that this franchise is a real money maker. I also agree that they need to move it back to a Dec. release.

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