Movie: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

So today I managed to talk Denis into seeing “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory“ instead of “Wedding Crashers”. “Crashers” is more of a wait-for-dvd movie whereas “Chocolate” should be seen on a big screen. He originally wanted to see it in IMAX, but we opted to go the cheaper route and see it on a regular movie screen.

It’s rare for Johnny Depp to be in a crappy movie. “Ninth Gate” was crappy. I told Denis on the way home that he must have only signed on to that script for something like a director or co-star. Turns out Roman Polanski was the director. No wonder he did a movie with such a lousy script. “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” was not that good – but that’s Robert Rodrigues directing, so I don’t blame him there.

So, I was expecting greatness from “Chocolate”, especially since it was directed by Tim Burton, who also rarely fails with his movies.

And greatness I got. Wow did I love this movie. I bet you thought I was gonna say I hated it, right? Nope. I loved the whole thing. The Oompa Loompas were fabulous (their songs cracked me up), Johnny Depp was brilliant, and the art direction was downright magical. This is a must-see movie. That’s all I need to say.

The only thing that sucks? The fact that undoubtedly the name “Violet” will become popular again, thus taking it off our short list of names should we be blessed with a daughter next time we have a child (had CootieBoy been a girl he would have been “Violet”). SO disappointing.

4 1/2 glass elevators out of five.

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  1. On a side note. The minute I saw the trailer for this movie months and months ago, I said, “I WANT to see that!” Jane said, “I don’t think so.” Again, who’s right? Anybody else think it’s tough being me? Must be even tougher being married to me. God bless that Jaynee.

  2. I’m sooooo glad to hear this. I love JD and Dahl and have been dying to see this movie since I first heard of its inception. I can’t wait!! :clap:

  3. One of the absolute wierdest pieces of crap ever made. Johnny Depp was gay and creepy – Michael Jackson-like. Bizarre, not even remotley likeable. The kids were horrible, the whole thing really was disappointing to everyone I saw it with. WOW. It was bad. Why the lipstick on Johnny – why the stupid haircut ???? Why the tortured childhood, the abusive father ??? Tim Burton – get over yourself. This movie sucks !!!!!

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