Movie: Camp

Have you seen “Camp”? If not, I suggest you run out and rent it right now. Especially if you like showtunes. This indie movie had my smiling the whole way through, mainly for the theatrical numbers. It is a mix of sheer genius and sheer madness that makes a screenwriter (Todd Graff in this instance) force his audience to watch teenagers do Broadway during summer camp.

The plot itself is a bit weak (teens being teens), but the secondary characters are fun (I loved Fritzi in particular) and have I mentioned the musical numbers? Just about all of the actors in this movie save the male lead have only done this movie – and what a great movie to be a part of. The proved their talents and I look forward to seeing them on the stage in the years to come. “Camp” was not their last stop.

I give it 4 stars out of five.

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