Movie: Birdman

Birdman movie posterOn Saturday afternoon Denis and I hit the theater for a movie. For those that know Denis, they know this is a big deal because we so rarely can find a movie that we both want to see (he only likes independent movies whereas I enjoy just about everything (I’m grateful my kids like going to the movies so I have someone to go with more often)). On Saturday, we hit up “Birdman” starring Michael Keaton.

Y’all – you need to go see this movie. Or add it to your Netflix list. It is so well-done just from a technical standpoint. The director made it seem like one long shot. I knew going in that this is how it was filmed, so I tried to catch the places where a cut could take place – and I only found six. In a two hour movie. As a result, the movie about a play seems like a play within a movie. So amazing.

The film is also an ode to Broadway, showing the viewer the inner workings of a typical production – from the changes made during previews to the personal political leeway a reviewer has over a production. The cast was great – Michael Keaton deserves to be nominated for an Academy Award, and Emma Stone and Edward Norton were fantastic.

Other reviewers can do a much better job than I can at analyzing the movie, but suffice to say that Denis and I debated a bit on the way home about exactly what the ending meant, and can see it going either way (did he or didn’t he, or even WHEN did he – we won’t say what). Either way, a great, great independent movie worth supporting.

4 tanning beds out of five.

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