Mouse Update

Well, Mini saved the day. Last night she was lurking in the half bath near our laundry room, so I opened the door and she had cornered a mouse. I don’t know if it was THE mouse (I don’t see the mouse escaping Stinky’s patrol in the basement and making it to the main floor), but either way, she had a mouse cornered. So I closed the door and gave them some privacy while I tried to decide what to do. I thought, “I’ll get a paper bag and coerce the mouse inside then take it someplace and let it go.” So I grabbed a paper bag and got ready to catch the mouse.

I stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind me so it couldn’t get away, and proceeded to easily place a cookie tin over the mouse. It was almost as though the mouse had just given up. I could see it’s little whiskers moving furiously, so I knew it was still alive, but it refused to move with Mini there watching it. So cookie tin went over it, followed by a basket of books (just to make sure it couldn’t get out), and waited until Denis got home.

Upon Denis’ arrival we easily shuttled the mouse (still alive but probably panicked now from being in pitch black for an hour) into the paper bag, then Denis walked it over to the elementary school lot and let it loose. He said the mouse just sat there not moving – it probably was too petrified.

So I have no idea if that was the mouse from the basement, but tonight I’ll work with Denis to remove the boxes that I think the mouse went behind, and see if we find it. If not, I’ll presume we caught the Nomad Mouse and lay out humane traps to ensnare any further visitors.

But bravo to our former outdoor kitties – Mini and Stinky still have their natural predator instincts. Ginger and Freddie are complete wastes of space. *lol*

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  1. It’s probably the same mouse, just came up through the wall into the half bath where Mini took over for Stinky. I doubt two mice suddenly appeared in our house at the exact same time, but we can move stuff and take a look tonight.

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