Mouse in the Garage

So we have a tiny mouse living in our garage. Denis saw it a couple days ago, scurrying out from behind our big bag of birdseed. If it’s the same tiny mouse I saw outside our house a couple weeks ago, I’ll feel bad setting a trap for it, but I’m still setting up a trap. The last thing I need is some mouse taking up residence, chewing through the wires to various appliances and causing trouble.

I actually knew we had a mouse about a month ago – I went out to refill Cooper’s food container and found a perfectly round hole in the bottom of the bag, with several pieces laying on the ground. I immediately went out to Home Depot and picked up a solid metal trash can and lid and dumped all the food into that trash can. No more mouse food. But the mouse then just moved on to the birdseed. So I’m going to get a smaller trashcan for the birdseed tonight.

I’m also going to buy some metal shelves to put in the garage (since we don’t park our car in there, we may as well use the space as best we can). Right now we just have stuff piled up – a perfect hiding place for little mousies. So tonight the mission is to clean the garage – which luckily isn’t a typical packed-with-junk garage. It’s rather empty, actually. So it should only take an hour. I hope. And I hope the mouse is away for the day when I do it because I really don’t want to see it anymore than he wants to see me.

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  1. If you use a regular mouse trap, I heard that it is good to use styrofoam instead of cheese, or food as bait. This is what the mouse likes to use for a nest, and it doesn’t attrach any other kind of bugs. Also the glue traps are horrible, the mouse struggles until it dies.

  2. Not only have I seen mice struggle on those glue traps, but I’ve seen them get off of them. Not sure if they chewed through the trap or their legs, but they weren’t there in the morning. I go with styrofoam.

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