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So this morning I had the chance to map out the driving we’ll be doing for our trip to NC in November. I spoke with my grandmother last night and confirmed that she can host us on November 3rd. She also confirmed that she has all her Blue Willow packed up and ready for me to take when we come. Yay! Both of my grandmothers had Blue Willow and I have many great affectionate memories of visiting my grandparents during summers and eating meals on this china. This particular grandmother has decided to get rid of hers (since she doesn’t cook) and I was able to stake a claim on the stuff she hadn’t already given away to other people. Do we have room for it in our house? Absolutely not! But I don’t care – when Denis and I finally build our dream home I’ll make sure we have room for Fiesta, Blue Willow and Mikasa. So for now we’ll keep it in the basement along with all of my vintage Fiestaware.

ANYWAY, what I wanted to say was that I was pleasantly surprised that the drive from my grandmother’s to the timeshare in NC is only 7 1/2 hours (I thought it was nine hours). That means we can hang out with my grandmother for a leisurely breakfast and hit the road around 10 a.m. and get to the timeshare before 6 p.m.

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  1. Yes, but if you drive DIRECTLY (not going to Gma’s) then it’s only 8 1/2 hours because you’d go down 81/77. Going to Gma’s adds significant time because it’s not on the more direct route. But by NOT going to Gma’s you’d have a shorter ride.

  2. Coincidentally, I just inherited my grandma’s Ermine-Blue Spode china, similar to the Blue Willow pattern but not as well known (she died in 1980 and no one has used it since…like you, I have no room for such things, but couldn’t bear to see my mom give it away either). Enjoy your new china, and your visit with 91? 92? 98? year-old Grandma. 🙂

  3. My grandmother has Blue Willow as well. We eat off it all the time. I believe she uses it as every day China.

    Crazy woman!

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