More Success At Lowe’s Tonight

I bought the rest of the kitchen floor tiles tonight at Lowe’s. They now officially have no more of those floor tiles – I bought every last one of them. I’m hopeful that I counted correctly and won’t run out. *lol* If I do I’ll have to find another Lowe’s that carries the same style.

I also picked up the second storm door. What sucks is that the doors are on sale this week! Denis said I should go back with my receipt from Saturday and ask for a 15% refund. In any event, the first door was $298 and tonight’s was only $253 because I got 15% off the original price AND had a coupon that gave me another $22 off the sale price. Nice! The door is a slightly different style by the same doormaker (Larson), but still has a keyed lock on it and the retractable screen that the other one has.

I also bought the deadbolt for the garage entry door and went ahead and bought some sample kitchen cabinet handles for Denis to look at. In the end he decided what kind he wants and so I’ll take back these knobs and get the ones he wants.

So basically it means we’re all set for the handyman to come next Saturday. Needless to say I’m VERY excited!!

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  1. Denis is right… I too would take the receipt back and have them adjust it. Usually, you have 30 days to do that.

  2. Yes, they should honor your discount on the door you bought last week. It’s unopened. If you were just to return it for a full credit/refund. And then turned around and bought the same door again, you’d be paying the reduced price. Go ahead and find your receipt and safe some money. You have to go to get the new pulls anyway. Hope you have enough tiles too. I’m sure they stock those in other Lowe’s if we still need another pack. And there’s a Lowe’s not too far away from my office.

  3. Nevis – yes, it’s the peel/stick tiles. They are by Novalis and I’ve read TONS of good reviews online about them, which is why I opted to go this route.

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