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So last night I got the second coat on the bathroom cabinet, and the first coat on the mirror. The cabinet looks awesome, and this morning I put the carpeting back in there. This morning Denis replaced a couple of the drawer pulls after I came in to work, so tonight we’ll finish replacing those and also put the second coat of paint on the mirror. Once that’s done all that’s left is a couple pictures for the walls and new accessories. YAY!

I like getting things accomplished – it’s a Good Thing.

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  1. Hmmmmm…what before pics? We might have some. Actually we do because I saw that Jaynee took some before she started the job. Will do. As soon as it’s finished.

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Ack – I feel like I didn’t go over my weekend at all – there was plenty of movie watching throughout the snowstorm. Denis’ pals Ray and Tom came over early on Saturday to help us install our two new kitchen cabinets, but alas – the tall one wouldn’t go into the kitchen at all! We were bummed about that, but the boys went out for drinks, so they didn’t mind all that much. On Sunday before the snow got too bad we drove over to Home Depot and made sure they ordered the next smaller sized cabinet for us, and asked about the return of the tall cabinet. Luckily for us we have 90 days to return the cabinet, so we’ve got plenty of time.

As for American Idol last night, I agree with Simon and Randy that most of the performances were good, but not great. I also agree that the wildcard show is going to be AMAZING. But my picks for tonight’s live show are Equoia (easily the best of the night) and Vanessa Olivarez. Rickey Smith will most likely get the wildcard spot.

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  1. I’ll go one better. I could have told you that Changing Lanes sucked. Ben Afleck sucks! He can’t act. I know, I’m a broken record. Sorry. At least in around two months I’ll have someone new in the house to give my shpeel to.

  2. I don’t think that someone from each show has to be picked for the wildcard show. So I don’t really think anyone from tonight’s show will be in the wildcard. Am I wrong?

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