More Stuff Done

Wow – my list is fast dwindling! Last night we bought a new computer, the T2200 – it looks like it’s going to be a great little machine. WOO HOO!! Secondly, I was able to get quite a lot done on NaNoWriMo – I’m at 2,662 words now – I’m quite relieved at how easy it actually became once I started writing.

I didn’t make any headway on making a cd for Noel – although our new computer comes with a cd writer that is undoubtedly more reliable than the old one, so I’ll hopefully get that done tonight while I work on my freelance Quark project. The deadline for the first draft of that project is tomorrow evening, so I really need to finish it tonight. I’ve called the woman about specifics on the invite I’m creating for her, and can’t really go any further with it until she calls me back. Then once that’s done I begin the second project for her – a 40 page auction brochure. I’ll make a pretty penny making that one – it’s a LOT of formatting and input. Sure I type nearly 100 wpm, but 40 pages? That’ll take me a few hours.

Tonight is Survivor – I’m behind Ace in the pool I’m running. He’s ahead of me by about 30 points or so. He always tries to guess how I’m betting and then bets against me. But I decided to shake things up this week – so hopefully I’ll be able to make him lose his chance for points and will take the lead. But 30 points is going to be hard to surpass.

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