More Stinky Pics

Not sure if these truly capture Stinky with her new shaved look, but you get the idea at least that she’s not dejected because of the new haircut like she looked in yesterday’s pics. In fact, I think she likes it. Must be cooler in the summer. She doesn’t mind getting pet on the butt now either. She NEVER liked that before. Maybe we’ll give all of our cats a shave. Just kidding.

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  1. Nicole, the back (and front) feet didn’t get shaved, I think, and is representative of what her whole coat used to look like. They are clean, just fluffy. I’m sure you saw the before pic of Stinky that Jaynee posted the other day.

    And Gladys, she is beautiful. Definitely no more dreads and I want to keep it that way by brushing her regularly. How are you doing in VA? Hope all is going well. Drop me an e-mail when you get the chance.

  2. Nicole, the groomer couldn’t do her feet because Stinky kept biting her (Stinky bites when she’s ticked off). So her legs are still the same as they were – literally her BODY is all that got shaved…=)

  3. Awww… I think it’s kind of cute… a “lion” style cut on a cat šŸ™‚ My parents get their long-haired collie (called a “rough coat”) shaved in the summer to avoid matting and burrs – she loves it and being scratched after, but they have to be careful of sun exposure for a couple weeks after.

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