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I’m slowing down. Only two new pics. I took plenty of Grand Pa, or is it The Great One? Gramps? We might still be working on this one. Jaynee’s dad drove up and spent most of the afternoon holding the baby. The rest of the day was spent in the back seat of a SUV as Jaynee’s sister treated us to a 90-minute drive to a restaurant that was five minutes from the hospital. Not totally her fault. I thought she was heading in the right direction when she started out. We even found the mall just where we thought we left it, but it turned out that it was a different mall.

We never did find the restaurant we were looking for, but at least we gave Jaynee the break we promised and bonded as a family.

We ate at the Tick Tock diner after we left the hospital, where we celebrated the newest edition to the our family. No, not CootieGirl. Jaynee’s dad is selling us his SUV for a dollar. Yep. One buck. I told him we might have to take it out of CG’s college fund money. What a baby present. And we get to use it for the next 16 years as CootieGirl prepares for her driver’s license.

My mom and brother are coming out to visit the baby tomorrow. Then the next day Jaynee comes home.

In the meantime, we want CootieGirl to have a new pal. Angie, do something to get that baby out. And when the doctor tells you to push for another hour or two and the baby doesn’t feel like it’s moving, tell her you’re suing if she doesn’t give you the c-section you demand. In fact, make her sign something to that effect before you go into labor — again. I think you’ve been having contractions for the past six weeks, right?

And now the pics.

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  1. Happy Birthday Denis! Angie…don’t you dare let them try to get you to push out a ten pound baby demand a c-section!

  2. I think he decided on Pop. I treated us to that scenic drive only because I was the one driving. It could have been any one of us!

    My apologies again for getting a little testy. 😉

  3. Is it me, or is CootieGirl getting cuter every day?!

    Hey! I’m being induced on Wednesday! And if the baby doesn’t slide out painlessly in the first few hours, I’m going to demand a c-section! And if the doctor refuses, I’m going to pull out an Exacto knife and threaten to do it myself! (If I can carve a turkey, I can remove a baby, right?!)

    Have a safe and happy trip home tomorrow!

  4. CONGRATS!!!!

    That’s one cute, not to mention, lucky little girl! Wishing you all the best…and some rest, if that’s possible!



  5. Angie, Tara is right. Forget what I said. Don’t push for a minute. Demand a C-section! Sharpen that Exacto. I wish we lived near you. I’d help you out with the carving. I like turkey.

    Tara, thanks for the birthday wishes. I was wished a Happy Birthday by a bunch a people, including my good friend Tom, but it doesn’t seem to matter to me. Wonder why? We’ll celebrate tomorrow when Jaynee comes home with the baby.

  6. Angie…good luck I will be thinking of you on Wednesday…I don’t understand why they will not just do a section but hey make sure you have that exacto knife with you! You can either use it for a c section or you can threaten to kill someone unless a c section is done STAT!!!

    Denis…you got the best birthday present life has to offer…and it keeps on giving that is the best part!

  7. Angie, I just spoke to Jaynee and she said you should demand you get a C-section if indeed you are having a 10-pound baby and you are as petite a woman as you appear in your pics. Don’t try to push it, don’t try to be superwoman, just remember that there is a lot of pain after surgery associated with a C-section. Let’s just say there’s no good way to give birth. You had to have kids! But it’s all worth it. That’s me, the husband saying that. *lol*

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