More on WP 2.5

Okay, so I’ve now had WordPress 2.5 running for about a week and have more observations on it.

1) Plugins – only one of my plugins had issues with 2.5, but someone on the Codex posted a quick fix and it worked. So all of my plugins that I currently use on Cootiehog worked with no problems. In fact, one of them which I couldn’t get to work before is now working seamlessly).

2) Image Gallery – I still cannot batch upload photos, but at least I can now get them to go into the post, which I couldn’t do the first couple of days. This fix required at least 4-5 solutions. With each solution recommendation I was told “it’ll work after you do this,” and none of them worked individually. But as a group, they did. Alas, no batch uploading, but I’m okay with that. I normally only put 3-4 pictures in any post I make, so no biggie.

3) Admin Dashboard – wow is it different! A lot different! I like some things (notably the stats chart), but other things I don’t like – such as the widgets menu screen. Now instead of showing both sidebars at once you have to use a drop down menu to see each sidebar one at a time. For folks who only have one sidebar that’s not a big deal, but for 3-4 column blogs I bet that will get old really fast having to use drop down menus to go to each sidebar, one at a time.

All in all, I think there are enough improvements that I’m a fan of 2.5, but I do hope that they clean up some of the bugs and put out a new release for those wise enough to wait for a bug-free version.

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