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So today Mare-Bear and I go over to put our money down on some horses. I’ve done a bit more research and I’m definitely sticking with Afleet Alex to win. So I’ll be putting down $9 WPS on Afleet Alex ($3 on W, $3 on P, $3 on S for a $9 total bet). In addition to that, I’m going to put a $9 WPS on Noble Causeway as well. I’ve read a lot of analysis that says he’s a “throwaway” entry – meaning there is no way he can win. But I still think that having a 3-time Derby winner on your back increases your chances more than the guy that’s only been in one Derby and finished 11th.

Then for kicks I may do an Exacta bet – which is picking which two horses will win the top two spots in order. $2 on that with Afleet Alex as win, Noble Causeway as place.

So $20 on two horses. We’ll see what happens.

Updated: Haven’t placed the bet yet but now I’m thinking of putting $3 WPS on Bandini – all of a sudden a lot of handicappers are talking about this horse and that it should be considered a top contender. So now I may toss Noble Causeway and move in Bandini, although Bandini is only 6-1 right now caompred to NC’s 12-1. But the fact that he’s posted next to Bellamy Road, the one most think will win, means Bandini may play off that speed and actually win.

One more thing – Afleet Alex’s jockey? First time ever in the Derby. That can’t bode well. He’s sure to be nervous and may pass that into the horse. So maybe I should do a Bandini/Noble Causeway grouping instead?

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