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So yesterday Denis called me at work and filled me in a bit on the daily happenings in his real estate bid-ness. Then he brought up the idea that in November when we go to visit NC/SC we should seriously consider looking into buying land once we pick out a town we’d like to live in. My top choice right now is Fort Mill, SC which is 20 minutes south of Charlotte, NC, but we also plan on visiting Asheville, NC. I’ve also been told that Mooresville, NC is a great place – also near Charlotte.

Anyway, the goal will be to buy land and just begin making payments on the land until we’re ready to build. And if we change our mind we can just sell the land and we’d probably make a profit on it (especially if we bought in Fort Mill, SC). We’d be happy with 1/2 an acre (compared to the .18 we have right now).

So let’s see what is available right now in Fort Mill, SC, shall we?

.69 acres for $24,900
1.06 acres for $54,900
1.87 acres for $49,900
1 acre for $34,000

With a $5,000 down payment on the land, the prices on the above lots range from a high of $282 per month to a low of $112. A bargain, people! That’s less than a car payment! Heck, I’ll continue driving my 10-year-old truck if it means owning some land and thus being one step closer to building a custom house.

Last night we were talking with our neighbor Lydia who had been in talks with her husband about moving to Nashville, but now that might not happen. Then Denis mentioned our neighbor on the other side of our house might be moving to NC in the coming years. So I told Denis and Lydia that we should all go in on a 5 acre plot and divvy it up into three parts and continue living next to each other since we all get along so well.

What? That’s a GOOD idea. When you have awesome neighbors, it’s always good to KEEP them.

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  1. I’ll take an acre in Fort Mill, Gastonia, Kings Mountain, Shelby, Bessemer City, Dallas, (you get the idea)—then you can divvy it up 4 ways!

  2. Not to mention, one of those neighbors make a killer batch of French Onion Soup… you know, for those cold winter nights down in NC.:tongue:

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