More Mystery Shopping

I signed up last year to become a mystery shopper when Denis read an article in a well-respected trade magazine about a company that provided such services. I was able to do a few shops, but for the most part the opportunities were few and far between because most of them were just too far away – at least an hour drive to get there. It just wasn’t worth it.

So when I read from a well-regarded source that another company was seeking mystery shoppers, I immediately put in an application. I was happy when my application was accepted and logged in today to see what was available. Not only do the mystery shop excursions pay more with this new company, but all the shops are within 2-5 miles of my house! Today I signed up for four assignments, which will all take place in February.

The process to sign up for the shops was tougher than the other mystery shop company. I had to pass an exam with a 100% score and despite having only 18 questions it took me five tries (and half an hour) to pass that stupid exam. But I did, and I’m officially on the roster as a mystery shopper.

Looking forward to this one – it’s that little bit of extra money that is really easy to earn because I can do them anytime of day or night, weekday or weekend.

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