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Yesterday we received a package from Ace that included our copy of the Seinfeld Season 1 DVDs as well as a copy of “Ratatouille” on Blu-Ray (they had two copies). I immediately put it in so the kids could watch a bit before bed. WOW does it look great on Blu-Ray!! No wonder technophiles use that movie to determine whether Blu-Ray players are good at playing back animated movies. The detail that stands out on Blu-Ray is phenomenal. Tonight we’ll watch the rest of it.

I’m happy to report that my tooth is completely back to normal. Well, as normal as it can be given the fact that the crown isn’t on it yet. At least I’m able to eat without any pain again. I put for the day off next Wednesday for CootieBoy’s pediatrician appointment and my crown. I’m contemplating making an appointment for a manicure and facial that afternoon to use some gift certificates that I have at the house. On the flipside, I may go get a haircut and catch a movie. We’ll see.

Remember that document that Mr. BIL demanded I get for the form we’re submitting? I was able to get it this morning. So all is well.

Mr. BIL has been out all morning and is due back in about 30 minutes. He’ll be meeting with his paralegal the rest of the day, so it promises to be a nice afternoon as well.

I was reminded today that one of the new guys here at my office went to the same college as me, so I went into his office and we compared notes. He graduated a number of years after me, but we knew some of the same people because so many of my friends continued to work at the school after graduation.

I didn’t mention this yesterday, but at my doctor appointment yesterday I showed a .2 lbs loss. Yes, that’s a period before the 2. *lol* Oh well. What’reyagonnado? At least it wasn’t a gain! The good news is that since I’m still focused I know I’ll show a good loss at next month’s appointment.

This week two grocery stores in my area are doing triple coupons, but upon looking at the weekly sales there really isn’t much to go crazy over. So I’ll be skipping it this time around. Fortunately our fridges and freezer are well stocked so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. I’d still love the challenge Denis to use ONLY what we have on hand for 30 days and see how well we do. Sure, we’d still buy veggies and milk and eggs, but other than that I’d love to see how we do just eating what we have on hand for a month. If anything it would enable us to get rid of some of the older stuff to make room for new stuff that I’d get after the month is over.

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