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Last night I had 8 ladies show up for the Synergy orientation to talk about what we’d be doing in this new women’s fitness group that I’m starting at church. And I know of two other ladies that wanted to come but couldn’t, so I just might have 10 ladies with me this Saturday morning for our first workout! YAY!

Last night while driving I thought, “Whatever happened to that kid Jesse Camp that won the very first ‘I Wanna be a VJ’ contest on MTV?” Well, he got signed to a record label and put out an album then got dropped by both MTV and the record label and is now pretty much a nobody.

Yesterday I tivo’d Days of Our Lives and then completely forgot to watch it – supposedly Belle was going to marry Phillip and Shawn was going there to stop the wedding. The new Belle is starting to grow on me although she’s a bit…angular.

I came home last night and proceeded to watch a Lay’s Potato Chip commercial with CootieGirl about six times. She loved the commercial and kept wanting to watch it. Thanks to Tivo Denis was able to rewind it (about a dozen times before I got home). She did the same things everytime the commercial was on. She’d purse her lips at the beginning, then when the cameraman says, “Say Cheese” she says cheese, then when the cameraman dances she’d start dancing, and then when the little boy says “Cheese!” at the end CootieGirl would laugh and scream “Cheese!” We ended up saving the commercial via tivo and will be videotaping the event tonight. It’s priceless.

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  1. I found this link doing a Google search for you.


    I have no idea what it links to other than its his (Jesse’s) name and I assume official website. I didn’t click the link at work in fear it might take me to a crazy place. However, people loved this guy. Doing a search I came across websites that are/were devoted this Jesse Camp.

    Good Luck!

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