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Okay, so I’ve been meaning to post on some miscellaneous thoughts for a while. Bear in mind – they all relate to tv (since that’s all I do all day when I’m home and not occupied with CootieGirl).

1. The men on “Days of Our Lives” are hot. Really – I’d say some of the best looking soap actors are on that soap opera. Doesn’t make the plotlines any better, but at least it’s tolerable when you have eye candy.

2. The plotlines on “Passions” are horrible. I’m new to “Passions” – I only know it because Spike on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” watched it when Timmy was down the bloody well. Anyway, it comes on after “Days”, so if I’m cuddling with CootieGirl in front of the tv I generally just leave it on that channel. For the past two weeks when I’ve caught the show, they’ve been on the same afternoon of events for those entire two weeks. Literally. Those poor actors have worn the same clothes for two weeks’ worth of episodes. How on earth will they go from this day to the next? It’s laughable that they’ve drawn out one afternoon through 10 episodes.

3. I’m actually getting sick of the court tv shows – I never thought that would happen. I still love Judge Milian on “People’s Court”, but Judge Joe Brown is getting old – he’s kinda mean and yells a lot when it’s not really necessary. Judge Judy is still the queen though, but Princess Milian is gunning for the throne.

4. “The Price Is Right” still rocks – and if I watch it long enough, next time Denis and I try to be on the show (we tried on our honeymoon but didn’t get picked – we only made as far as the audience), I’ll do my best to get on stage because I know SO MUCH about those products and prizes that I could probably win any game Bob Barker throws my way.

5. I’m anxious for “The Amazing Race 4” to start next Thursday. And I swear that Ace and I are applying for “AR5” next year.

6. I’m going to go order the “Sifl and Olly” music cd right now. It has “Crescent Fresh” on it – another classic song.

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  1. You need to find something else to do, girl! After the usual housework, you can work on Creative Memories, decorating, gardening – there is so much more to offer to a stay-at-home mom. Too many Soaps will corrupt a women’s soul.

  2. Raining = no gardening.

    No money = no decorating.

    No creativity = no Creative Memories.

    and Denis, I dont’ watch tv all day – don’t get the wrong impression. And sometimes I’m also really tired and not in the mood to do the middle-of-the-night feedings. But you’ll take note that I did it last night despite hoping you’d do it…

  3. Another tv note: I forgot to mention that the chef guy in the Barilla Pasta commercial is also hot. If I knew the actor’s name I’d add him to my fake boyfriend list even though he’s only in a commercial.

  4. thanks for the reminder jaynee. i luv me some ‘amazing race’! especially like to watch for bickering couples. it really adds to the drama. 😉

  5. Dan, then you must have loved team FloZach that won last year – never was there a more dysfunctional team (unless you count team Asshat from last year as well).

    I highly suggest you go to and read the recaps from last year’s competition – it’ll make you laugh out loud.

  6. Very excited about TAR4…best stuff on TV. And I’ll be reading the TWOP recaps too. They make the shows more hilarious. Oh, and I plan to tape every episode to keep. I wish I had done that with the other three seasons. They need to put them out on DVD!

  7. Hi there,

    About that Barilla Commercial with that so-called “hot” chef. Actually I thought the woman was a head turner. Anyways, that song is called “Mille Lune Mille Onde” by Andrea Bocelli, it’s on his album entitled Cieli di Toscana (2001). That song is very good.


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