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Okay, so I looked around and found a soundcard is installed on my machine, and an IT guy confirmed that I can have speakers put on my computer. He said he’ll take a look and see if there are any downstairs and bring them to me. Which means as of tomorrow? MUSIC, BABY! I’m so relieved about that because I’ve been going nuts here without anything to occupy my mind while doing mindnumbing work like inputting contacts or formatting a document.

I also didn’t tell him that I found a way around the “No Yahoo Mail” function and found a back way in. How nice is that? I hope I can find a back way into Gmail as well. But at least I have access to ONE internet email (until the main HQ office notices what I’m doing and puts a stop to it).

IT Guy is also going to see if my Dell Axim has Lotus Notes compatibility – if so then I’ll be able to begin synching my PDA again (it hasn’t been synched since last Thursday!).

So that’s it so far. Of my list of 12 things to do today I’ve gotten only three done, but they are biggies. I’m about to begin working on the fourth one – yet another “white paper” (fancy term for “brochure”).

Update at 3:38 pm: I love smart people! A very nice person told me a back way to get into Gmail and it WORKS IT WORKS IT WORKS!!!

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  1. Two ways to sync (there may be more):

    EasySync from Lotus/IBM.
    mNotes from Commontime

    I use mNotes, let me see if I can get EasySync for you somehow.

  2. Have you read the recent NYT article about the nanny who blogged about the people she worked for … until she was fired?

    The New Nanny Diaries Are Online – by Helaine Olen

  3. People getting fired for blogs is old news – most companies now say as long as you don’t divulge specific industry info or sensitive information you are okay. Not that I’d blog about boring stuff like that – I’d much rather blog about tv and movies or complain about my commute.

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