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From Yahoo News:

“CIA Asks for Probe of Alleged Leak

WASHINGTON – Authorities are looking into allegations that White House officials revealed the identity of a CIA operative, in possible violation of the law.

The naming of the intelligence officer’s identity by syndicated columnist Robert Novak came shortly after her husband had undermined President Bush claim that Iraq had tried to buy uranium in Africa. ”

What’s up with that? Disagree with George and we basically have your husband killed? That’s what this amounts to. I thought I was reading about an “Alias” plot line.

Number two, from CNN online:

“Clark: Americans ’embarrassed’ by Bush

(CNN) — Democratic presidential candidate Gen. Wesley Clark has attacked President Bush’s economic plan as a failure, and said the war in Iraq was “unnecessary” and lacks a way to succeed or end.

Speaking after an event in Washington at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual conference, Clark, 58, told reporters that the American people are “really embarrassed” by the administration’s leadership.

“We’re in there without a strategy to win, and without a strategy to exit properly, and now the president’s asked for $87 billion to prosecute it,” said Clark.

“I think the reality is really striking the American people that this is an administration that doesn’t have an effective foreign policy, and it doesn’t have an effective strategy for prosecuting the war on terror,” he added.

“I’ve done more with a better plan for jobs here in eight days than this president’s done in two and a half years,” Clark said.”

This all couldn’t be more true. You are looking at your next President of the United States.

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  1. One cannot accuse the Post of yellow journalism–it is the very DEFINTION of yellow journalism. I personally have been to events that were later published in the Post and the Post’s version never resembled what actually occurred. I know the Post has an agenda, it’s pretty open about that fact. What amazes me is that anybody actually believes anything they publish!

    As for Clark as president–ROFLMAO! Good one, Denis! Gotta love your sense of humor!

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