More Freelance Work Comin’ My Way

I got an email from the man for whom I did the transcription work last week. Turns out, he has another project and asked if I’d be willing to do it. It’s related to the transcription that I did, which is why he wanted me to do it. What’s great is that he’s going to submit it as a new job at Elance so I’ll now have TWO jobs under my belt there. I’m very happy about that!!

As such, I went ahead and upgraded my membership there. The free membership only allows me to submit proposals to 1-2 jobs a month. The paid membership is $10/month and allows me to submit proposals to 15-20 jobs a month. The $10/month comes out of my paypal account, so my paid posts will cover that expense rather than having it come out of pocket. The $10/month will be worth it because it’ll provide more exposure and, in turn, more freelance work possibilities down the line.

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