More Driving Than I Thought

So today I took the time to map out all the driving we’ll be doing once we arrive in NC and it’s a lot more than I thought. A lah-hot of driving.

From the timeshare to my college: almost two hours
From the timeshare to Charlotte: three hours
From the timeshare to Raleigh: six hours
From Raleigh to Kirby’s/Charlotte: three hours

So, we’re going to spend the night in Raleigh one night while were in NC. I made a cheap reservation at a Days Inn through AAA and we get double-mileage on my Visa card to boot. Then when we’re done in the Raleigh area we’ll suck it up and drive the six hours back to the timeshare and crash. Fortunately the next day is a “play” day in nearby Asheville so it’s not like we have to get up early to do MORE DRIVING. And the day after that has minimal driving as well before Friday’s trek back to my parents’ house in NoVA.

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  1. Jaynee, It will probably take about 4 hours to drive from Raleigh to Charlotte, especially with the traffic and construction. I don’t know if you remember me but I e-mailed you a while back because I live in Tega Cay, SC which is right outside of Fort Mill and Charlotte.

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