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I’m a big fan of those “of the month” clubs. I’ve gotten Denis a couple of those – I gave him a beer of the month club about seven years ago and he really seemed to like trying the brews done by smaller labels that might otherwise get ignored. So he had six months worth of tasty beer. And last month for V-day I gave him a 3-month club membership for the BBQ sauce of the month club. We’re one month in and I think he’s going to be making a LOT of BBQ over the next several months to try out the sauces (which I have no problem with!). I’m convinced they are great gifts for the person that REALLY enjoys something – flowers, chocolate, coffee, etc.

I suppose the healthiest choice would be a Fruit Of The Month Club. I know that sounds weird. Why buy a fruit of the month club when you can get fruit from your local grocery store? Well, because the FotM club sends out fruits that are picked at their peak – so you get the best flavor by the time the fruits are delivered. And not only that – but The Fruit Company has their own orchards – which means they are standing behind THEIR OWN PRODUCT, not someone else’s. That’s pretty cool.

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  1. ohhh I’ve been looking into the fruit of the month club. I’m seriously thinking about getting a membership. I now live in a small mountain town in Colorado and our local grocery store hardly ever has ripe fruit AND it’s expensive. The closest grocery chain is over an hour away from the house. I miss fresh fruit.

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