Mommy Bunny

Finally, we saw mommy bunny. She came over to feed her brood. And Freddy was looking out the window to watch the whole thing. Aren’t those baby bunnies so cute?

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  1. It isn’t easy managing Cooper, but we have had to go out and supervise when we let him in the backyard. No more free roaming until the babies are able to defend for themselves. Not sure when that will be. Hope soon. They have grown up quickly so far.

    Cooper chased the mother out of the backyard the other night. And we don’t let him get near the babies underneath Jaynee’s flocks. And I’m sure Fred and Stinky would have a field day with the bunnies as well. Not gonna happen.

  2. Ohhh, I keep thinking of “Bunnykins” and “Peter Rabbit” – how cute. Then that leads my thoughts to “Puppykins” a.k.a Jock -remember, Jaynee?

  3. The baby rabbits are adorable – how fun to have your baby and the baby rabbits all at once!

    Once my grandma’s cat caught a baby rabbit, but dad saved it from her. She tore a huge hole in his shirt and wouldn’t speak to him for a week (and she was typically very very friendly) – she wasn’t happy, but the baby bunny was!

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