Mom and Bro visit

Well, two more visitors (my mom and brother). Not sure when my sister will get out to visit. Hopefully soon. She has two kids and lives in Long Island, but I bet the nephews are anxious to meet their first cousin on this side of the family. *hint, hint*

Here are the latest pics. Jaynee was changing the baby’s diaper when she decided she wasn’t finished. Then we had to wheel the baby to the nursery so they could change her bed sheet. My mom said, Jaynee should be lucky we don’t have a boy. I think you know what she was getting at.

I might be going over one last time for a visit tonight. Are you getting sick of all this CootieGirl talk? What about American Idol? Survivor? We used to be interesting, right?

Jaynee is kidding if she thinks I’ll have much chance to post for her more than once a night. I hope she heals quickly. This is going to become a very boring place.

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  1. NEVER…too much CootieGirl! She is scrumptious! Who cares about Survivor or American Idol? All CootieGirl all the time! She really is so cute and your Mom looks SO happy! Her first grand daughter!

  2. Okay. I agree with Tara. Keep the baby CootieGirl news coming! I have been so excited for you guys!!! She is absolutely charming.

  3. Okay. The verdict is in. All Cootie Pie, all the time! Jane said she’s going to give CootieGirl her own sub-domain when she can get around to it. Imagine that, a three-day old with her own blog.

    “Today I pooped seven times, and slept for 22 hours. I think tomorrow I’ll sleep in.”

  4. Thanks, Suzie. Actually, the car was a baby gift. I wonder how the grand parents are going to top this for O’s first birthday.

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