1. hello!
    it is I again! somehow i lost the scratchmittens and ended up back at the cootiehog. i’m so confused how this thing works. am i supposed to put something in the URL box? and when i post, do you have to refresh to get the post, or does it come automatically, and if you respond to my post, will i have to refresh?! haha, i’m soooo sorry to bother you. i just don’t know how this works. i’m good with msn messenger and other chats, but nothing like this. thank you again!

  2. To visit the three websites, they have three addresses:


    They are three separate weblogs, all done by me.

    If you post a comment, there is no need to refresh – it’ll automatically update once you click out of the comment box. Once I respond, it’ll show up on the website.

    However, sometimes I respond directly in an email (like now) and others times I’ll post on the website only. And still other times I’ll email AND post the reply for others to see.

    Feel free to email me directly at jaynee @ cootiehog . com with any other questions you have!

  3. Thank you so much. Everytime I post, how come I have to fill in my name and email address? Also, I seen the CNN thing on the news the other night, and I remembered the website. I thought it was neat to be able to talk to someone this way. How could I go about finding a blog site where I can do this? I sit at home all day with a 9 month old baby. sometimes i’m too lazy to do things, and other times i just need to talk to someone who doesn’t know me. just for something to do.

  4. To start your own blog, go to blogger.com and follow their directions to create your own free blog. Then you can post all you want about anything you want! If you don’t want to type in your info every time you comment here, simply click on the box next to “Remember info?” on the comment page before you submit the comment – then every time you come back here it’ll remember who you are.

  5. haha, thank you. i figured it out right as i posted that last one. hehe. thank you so much. i hope i haven’t been too much of a nuscence (not sure how to spell that). I just took your advice and set up a blog site of my own.

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