Moblog Not Working

All of a sudden my moblog isn’t working. I was able to upload a picture earlier last week – the two boys on the bus. But this weekend I attempted to send a picture of CootieGirl’s post-play toyroom tornado, but it never went through. This morning I tried to resend it and it still wouldn’t go through. So then I attempted to message it to my Cootiehog email account but that wouldn’t go through. So it’s not the moblog, it’s the phone. ARG!!!

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  1. I couldn’t access Cootiehog a few seconds ago. It’s up again. The server must have been down for a few minutes. Try your stuff again.

  2. It’s not a Cootiehog thing – it’s something between TextAmerica and my phone – they aren’t communicating at all to allow the picture to go through. =(

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