Mission Impossible

So tonight I have a few chores to do, the most important being laundry. The second important mission for the evening is to make strawberry-rhubarb pie for Jhames, who is on his way to NYC right now as I type (unless he’s here already, at which point – YAY!). I’m debating whether I want to make a whole pie for him or little tartlet kinds of things for him. I’m leaning toward tartlets simply because they are easier for him to take with him. We’ll see. It depends on how I feel when I get home. All I know is regardless, I’m bringing in SOME kind of pie to the office tomorrow because they requested it.

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  1. Dangit, I just knew it would be too easy to think I could just go to the beach and still have time for all of my social whoring. With breakfasts, dinners, sex-toy shopping and blogger parties to attend…I need a pie more than I need a tan.

    Jaynee hunni, Wednesay? Tuesday? When them pies ready? I swear I make things harder than they are.

  2. It’s so much sweeter knowing you are posting from NYC. =) Wednesday is good since I didn’t actually make ANYthing last night – in fact, I didn’t do laundry either. So I’ll get busy tonight so that I’m freshly dressed with freshly baked pies tomorrow.

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