Missing Pics

Here are the pics I wanted to put up last night. Couldn’t because I was busy most of the night printing out pics for all the relatives. I have more of that to do tonight. Keeps me off the street. BTW, I’ve been up since 4:30 this morning. My mom-in-law finally got CootieGirl bedded while I took my shower and got ready for work after 6:30. Jaynee is at the DMV today having our car inspected. I’m sure it will pass. She’s also taking her NJ driver’s written test for the second time. That should be an interesting post when she gets back. Hope she passes this time.

In the meantime, about time Josh went back to defending his country. He’s a nice enough kid, but shouldn’t he be over in Iraq helping out his unit? Let’s see what kind of response his squad gives him when he rejoins. Wonder how long it will be before he goes AWOL for a country recording contract. Next out, Kimberly Locke. And then get your touch-tone fingers busy because it’s anybody’s game for the grand prize. Personally, I might place a call for Roo-ben. Probably won’t, but you never know.

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  1. /me wipes away a tear

    Oh, the baby is so sweet!! Well done you two — CootieGirl is a beautiful name for a gorgeous baby.

  2. Great pics of everyone.

    I especially love the, “No more pictures, Daddy!” hands and the action crying one. Heh.

    I’m starting to think that Clay may win this thing…

  3. Yep, Jen, those are both cute. She doesn’t take a bad picture. And I hope to take more soon. Tonight might be a little busy, but we’ll see. I might be able to sneak a shot in.

    It’s either Clay or Reuben. We’ll see. Depends on who can get out the votes.

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