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This morning at 10 a.m. CootieGirl has a “recital” at her daycare. Since there aren’t a lot of kids at the center (it only opened about six months ago) the recital will be short – maybe 20-30 tops. I had hoped to go, but since the recital starts at 10 a.m. I had to skip it because I can’t take time off from work.

So Denis is planning on videotaping it so I can see it tonight. The woman that runs the daycare told me that CootieGirl’s group is going first since they get bored waiting around. *lol* Singing and dancing – I’m curious to know how CootieGirl does performing in front of people she doesn’t know.

She likes singing at home. She loves when Noggin goes off the air – last night we were watching a Tivo’d “Play With Me Sesame” which is the last show on Noggin before it switches to teen programming. At the end of the time Noggin has the moose sing a little song about “it’s time to go” and last night CootieGirl was singing along with it – very cute.

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