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Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. Things have been quite hectic since last week!

Jury Duty was today. I drove to Newark’s Courthouse, found my way to the Juror Room only to be told that Jury Duty was cancelled and I could be notified anywhere from a month to a year from now to serve. I went back home, changed clothes and went to catch a bus to go to work. I wait ONE HOUR for a frickin’ bus. Turns out there was a major accident on BOTH directions of Route 3 so the buses were having difficulty getting out of the Lincoln Tunnel as well as going in – all leading to me standing on a street corner for an hour waiting for a bus. But one finally came and I managed to get to work around 11:30 a.m.

Our White Elephant party this past Saturday was a raging success. We had 23 people come and the gift swap was hilarious – lots of good gifts this year. And I was able to get rid of the french-kissing skeletons I got last year. Three people left gifts behind – one accidently, two deliberately. Ace got a nice pink padded toilet seat as his gift and promptly snuck upstairs when we weren’t looking and installed it in Denis’ bathroom. Janna got some historic pictures (Paul Revere, George Washington on the Delaware, etc.) and took the BAG home that they came in and hid the pictures underneath our tree.

We made about a 1/3 less food than usual and still ended up with tons of leftovers, so next year’s we’ll cut the number down once again and see what happens. I was impressed with the lack of mess we had this year though – usually by 9 p.m. our kitchen sink is piled high with dishes, but this year our sink was practically empty! A nice change of pace come cleanup time!

Last night was church band practice. We had the vocalists this time and it sounded pretty good. We have another rehearsal tomorrow night too, so that we can really make sure we gel together before performing live at church this coming Sunday.

CootieGirl has suddenly decided she hates going to bed at night and especially hates her toddler bed. No idea why, but it’s true – she’ll only go to sleep if I’m cuddling with her and wait until she falls asleep before laying her in the bed.

I think that’s enough of a catch-up. I promise to start posting more now that things should be slowing down. Should be.

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  1. Toilet Seat –

    Oh is that were I left that thing. *wink*

    Actually, there were Co-conspirators in the install of the new toilet seat. I had “look-out” people (3) and I even had a “Supply man” help out with getting the tools to uninstall the old toilet seat.

    I am surprised you didn’t catch me in the act, cause when I was unistalling the old seat, I heard a person downstairs telling the world what I was doing. I had to come down and quiet the little guy or we would have all been caught.

    It was a great party. I had fun socializing with everyone. Good times… good times. I believe I just ate the last cookie, yesterday, that we brought home from your party.

  2. It was a great party. And I don’t know if you meant me as the accidental gift-leaver or not. I intentionally left that Saved By The Bell book in O’s room, but never expected her to snag it off the shelf the next day. Smart kid!

  3. She’s smart but not that smart. She snagged that book and over a dozen others that night. Yours just happened to be one of them. And we didn’t think you accidentally left that one behind. Jane thought you had a friend you were going to give it to.

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