1) I’ve added some links to my left sidebar – it’s just above the main blogroll, and is a list of the personal finance blogs that I read. Thanks to Cheri for the idea!

2) CootieBoy has a new favorite thing – nailpolish. I was doing CootieGirl’s nails over the weekend and he asked if he could have his done. Rather than do his in the pretty pink I was using on CG, I suggested a color more suited to pirates – navy blue. He got VERY excited and so I promptly found my old navy blue nailpolish and painted his fingernails. He is VERY proud to have “pirate nails.”

3) CG is learning to write words in kindergarten this week. No more letters – it’s on to words now. She’s very excited and last night she showed me the sheets that she has for homework this month – all about words.

4) I had an M&M last hour and accidently bit into it with the tooth that was worked on yesterday. Talk about pain. I won’t be doing THAT again any time soon.

5) Today was a nice workday – Mr. BIL called in a couple times but other than that he left me alone while he was on the road.

6) I finished two blankets this past weekend and started on a third, in preparation for a craft market in which I’m participating in November. Believe it or not, I may have to buy more fabric. I have a lot of SOLID fleece but only a handful of patterned 2-yard pieces left with which to make adult blankets.

7) I’ve seen a few movies over the past few weeks and haven’t reviewed them. So I’ll sum up two of them here here: “Blackboard Jungle” with Glenn Ford and Sidney Poitier. Great movie, Glenn Ford still hot, but Vic Morrow looked 55 years old even when he was supposed to be a high school student. “Baby Mama” – I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Nuff said.

8. Two grocery stores in my area are doing triple coupons this week – the week I plunk down $173 for a root canal. I’m bummed but I WILL figure out a way to take advantage of those sales. In other grocery news, three of my referrals at Grocery Game converted to full accounts, so I got 12 free weeks of membership. I basically don’t have to pay again until sometime in February 2009 because my 8-week payment just went in two weeks ago, too.

9) Will I watch the debate tonight? I doubt it. Fortunately I have a couple Netflix movies arriving today which gets me off the hook since there won’t be anything else on TV tonight.

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  1. “CootieBoy has a new favorite thing – nailpolish”

    Its just a phase. My nephew went through the same thing… he is now moved on from that and is into dresses and beating off girls who take his barbi’s away from him.. but at least he isn’t into nailpolish anymore. 😉


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