I got a left center, sixth row ticket to the SYTYCD tour. VERY EXCITED.

Denis left today for five days in Nashville for a business trip. I admit I’m jealous – I love Nashville. He returns on Wednesday afternoon.

CootieGirl and Pop arrive at the homestead later this afternoon after visiting GGMa (my grandmother) for a couple hours. I’m sure CG will be happy to be home. Marmie and Pop invited CootieBoy to go to VA with Pop and stay through Wednesday, but he was waffling on whether he wanted to go or not. So tonight I’ll help him pack a bag and gauge whether he wants to go or not. I’d hate for Pop to get an hour down the road and have a raging child in the backseat screaming to go home. *lol*

It has been busy at work today. Mr. BIL has the wind at his back and is trying to get a lot of little things out, which is resulting in a lot of hectic runaround. But fortunately he’s not hassling me about leaving early today since he’s leaving at the same time to take his girlfriend to the airport.

This morning my co-worker brought me a bunch of peaches for Pop to return to Marmie tomorrow. I also noticed that the farmer’s market right near our house is selling peaches for 79 cents/pound, so I may pick up a couple more pounds. She’s in a peach phase right now, and apparently she’s gotten CG hooked on ’em as well.

I haven’t heard back from the lady about the fabric today. However, I know she hasn’t even read the emails yet because our forum board lets you see when the receipient opens the message, and she hasn’t. So I’m not worried that she’s changed her mind. =) I’ll worry about that after I see she has read the message and hasn’t responded.

I suppose that’s it for now. I do have a couple funny items to post about – will do so later this afternoon.

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