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Okay, so I haven’t talked about my shows over the past couple weeks. So here are some various thoughts on them.

American Idol: So Ryan Starr got kicked out last night. No surprise. And I think Nicki might be the next to go since she’s always been in the lower three each week. I was kind of surprised that my boy Justin was in the lower three – but I think I know why. One week he’s cocky and backtalks Simon, the next week (last week) he’s slobbering all over himself to apologize and take it back. Sadly, it makes him seem less sincere in my eyes, and less likely to vote for him to win. Weird, I know, but true. Christina and Tamyra are now my picks to win. Although Kelli can SING, man.

The Mole: I’m in love with Anderson Cooper. But you know that already. We’re down to the final three since Al got kicked out a couple weeks ago (I loved that Tiny Bubbles room that Al had to sleep in – I could have COASTED through that mission). The hike was not as interesting as the final mission in last season’s episode (where the final three were separated into three hotel rooms and had to figure out the clues to get themselves out of the rooms). I felt bad for Heather and her breakdown – makes her seem less Moley. Bill totally lost the team $10K during the Three Questions game – highly suspicious. But he added $100K to the pot after the hike. Would the Mole do that? Absolutely. Dorothy is still too obvious to be the Mole. Although if she IS the Mole, then bravo to her for being so obvious because I never thought she was the Mole because of it.

Big Brother 3: I got sucked into watching part of last night’s episode. Still don’t know their names, but I like the coalition between the black chick and the young virgin guy. I love the fact that NO ONE knows about that alliance. I predict that Amy might be the one to go instead of Marcellus. Her drunk talk with Roddy to get into his good graces in the final days was just distasteful and obvious.

Kiddies, don’t forget that tonight on NBC is premiere of “The Rerun Show“, on which they are doing scenes from Diff’rent Strokes and The Partridge Family, with a cameo by Danny Bonaduce. Should be hilarious and I’ve been looking forward to this new series for months.

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  1. You’re too funny…I agree with your assessment of American Idol, although I put Kelly a litte ahead of Christina.

    The Mole: DOROTHY is the mole. I need to add Anderson to my fake boyfriend list…

    Big Bro 3: I’m horrified that you’re watching that crap.

    The Rerun Show: I think I’m giving that one a pass…I’ll work on my blog instead.

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