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I have to take my NJ driver’s license test this Thursday. I hate studying. I’m on the computer now in order to type up the NJ-specific information in an effort to retain it. Just reading it in a book is no good for me. There’s a reason I got low SAT scores in high school. I am smart, but not TEST smart. The best test format for me is an essay. I wonder if I can choose that option for the NJ driver’s test? Then I’d ace it. What sucks is since I failed the written test two years ago when we moved to NJ, once I get the license it’s only good for a year and then I have to renew it again (although I don’t have to actually take the test again). NJ sucks.

I dreamed last night that I met AI2’s Clay Aiken, Kimberly Locke, and Rooo-ben Studdard in a clothing store, and that they were giving away mini-bikes and Clay wanted one. Also, Clay tried to cut his own hair and ended up half bald because he didn’t know how to use the clippers properly.

I’m continuing to lose baby weight. I’m now within 7 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight. In another two weeks I’ll rejoin Weight Watchers, join the YMCA a couple miles away, and continue my weight loss plan. I also plan on having a weight loss journal here at Cootiehog to track my progress. I’m hoping to lose 50 pounds by CootieGirl’s first birthday – that’s an average of one pound a week. I can do that. Right? Then I’ll reward myself with my week-long cruise to Alaska.

Well, I’m off to type up ridiculous NJ-specific rules and regulations that every good driver should know. Not that the average NJ driver actually follows those rules and regulations (there is a reason NJ is known for having the worst drivers on the planet)…

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