1) Yesterday I made a large payment to part of my outstanding medical bill (yes, I’m still paying for my February 2014 surgery). I figure I’ll be done paying it off sometime mid-2016. And that’s really depressing when I think about it.

2) I have scheduled for the doggies to go on a two-day vacation during the White Elephant weekend. Instead of being boarded in a kennel or cage (which Dobby the Dog would HATE), I found someone who will watch them locally from Friday morning to Sunday morning. I’m doing this for many reasons. First, to keep the dog hair at "nil" after my cleaning fairy comes to visit Friday morning. Second, because we have someone staying with us with a small child and I’m not sure how Dobby the Dog would do with a younger child. Third, because neither Dobby the Dog nor Chilly the Dog will not like being forced upstairs while all the fun is taking place downstairs. And I don’t need a need two barking dogs keeping the visiting child awake all evening. If the boarding goes well, I’ll put up a link and recommend the service after the weekend ends.

3) Denis and I tested a new recipe a couple days ago that is TOTALLY going to work for this year’s WE party. I still have to test the soup I’m making.

4) Christmas is only 34 days away and I’ve done next to no Christmas shopping other than the gift cards I scored last week. *sigh* No time!

5) This week work has been crazy. I stayed 90 minutes late both Monday and Tuesday, and it’s possible that tomorrow I’ll be staying late again because my boss has a HUGE project that is due tomorrow and next to no time to work on it. As such, you know I’m looking forward to next week very much (due to Thanksgiving). That week is always quieter than normal and I know come Monday morning I’ll be grateful (and thankful!) for the respite.

6) My Facebook Fast was temporarily halted yesterday when I had to log in to post on a private page about an upcoming event in December. Since I’m the group’s coordinator, I HAD to log on (even though I tried to pawn it off on someone else for the month so that I could avoid being on FB at all). But I close the page as soon as I was done. I swear!

7) NaNoWriMo is no mo’. I suck. I did well the first 3-4 days and then promptly decided I was writing pure drivel and stopped. I know the object is not to worry about the quality of the writing, but just the quantity, knowing you can fix the quality once the month is over. But there was not going to be any "fixing" what I was writing. I’ll try again next year, and instead work on another idea I had about using some of my grandmother’s stories to write a fictional book (her stories were AWESOME and worth writing out even if I don’t make a book out of them).

8. We’ve decided to paint our front door. It’s black and gets WAY TOO HOT in the summertime when in full sun. Our foyer is always at least 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house by 4 p.m. because of the heat coming off that door. The door handle is hot to the touch it’s so bad. So we’re painting it a slightly lighter color in the hopes it’ll only be 8 degreed hotter. I debated between red, white and blue (go America!) and in the end we decided on blue. TARDIS blue (well, Denis didn’t decide on that – I did). So excited.

And that’s it for now. Lots of little things but not anything worth one big post to discuss.

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  1. Hmmm. We’re painting our door TARDIS blue, too. If we ever send the paperwork to the HOA for approval, that is.

  2. You need approval to paint your front door? That sucks. I looked at our covenants and by-laws and it doesn’t say anything about having to get approval for our front door being whatever color we want. Woot!

  3. We only need approval because the color is not one of the colors already in the neighborhood. Everything else seems more muted. I’m half tempted to just paint it and see if anyone cares enough to complain.

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