Mets Win!

The Pitch

In case you missed it, Shawn Estes of the NY Mets threw at Roger Clemens today. He missed him, but the intent was there. That’s the pitch above. I was at that game with my friend Ted and his wife Anne and my other friend Robert Murphy. We sat in the last row of the upper deck in section 6. Not the worst seats in the house. We saw a great game. Wish you could have been there. A stupid Yankee fan ran on the field during the game. Here he is getting caught and a few other pictures from the game. That’s Frank Sinatra Jr. singing “New York, New York.”

Chasing the fan

Catching the fan

Yankee in Noose

Frank Sinatra Jr.

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  1. mad hatter says “Twins win!” OK, I admit I enjoyed the Mets win part too as they beat my least favorite AL team. Go Twinkies! Contract us will ya?

  2. Don’t look for those Twins to be around in Minnesota much longer unless something changes. Sounds like they’ll be there another year though.

    BTW, The Mets play the Twins at Shea starting Tuesday. Let’s Go Mets!

  3. Actually, it now looks as though the Twins have a very good chance to remain in Minnesota. A man is putting together a bid that is NOT dependent on a new stadium. He has indicated as well that he wants to keep the Twinkies in Minny.

    I saw the Twins were playing the Mets at Shea. I expect the Mets will win given the Twins road winning history (or more correctly perhpas, their lack of road winning history). However, win, lose or draw I am loyal so Go Twins!!

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