Mets Stink

Yes, the Mets Stink!

19 games into the season and the Mets are already in last place three games out of first. Okay, time to switch to another sport. Lets Go Rangers! Oops! Thank God Jaynee gave me NJ Jackals tix for our anniversary and my birthday. What did I give her? Losing lottery tix. Her birthday isn’t until June 20th. Then I’ll give her something else as lame. Plus, she’s going to have to see a lot of Jackals’ games with me this year. What was she thinking? I have no friends in NJ. Nor do I know anyone who would come out to NJ to see a minor league game with me. Maybe next year she’ll get me tickets to a Bon Jovi concert. Seems to be popular around here. All I can tell you is I love her. Plus, what’s up with cable theft? I just saw a commercial for that. Plus, Lent is over. I’m back to sweets and alcohol. Good news: I lost 11.5 pounds during Lent. Let’s see how long it takes me to put it all back on.

Other news this weekend. We went out for dinner tonight for our sixth anniversary yesterday. Nothing wacky, but a nice time out. Happy sixth! 48 more to go. *lol* Let’s see, I’ll be 37 this year, plus 48, makes 85. Hmmmmm…sounds doable.

I also raked up three quarters of the backyard. 5 bags of acorns and leaves. Only one more bag to go.

Jaynee doesn’t have to return to work for three more months. Whoo Hoo!!! Lucky her. 336 months until I retire. *lol*

So much to do. So little desire.

Still no CootieGirl. But we are very close. Less than two weeks. We took a drive to the hospital as a test run so I could know how to get there and back. Good news: we’re still having a baby.

I know how to cook chicken on the gas grill and I think I figured out how to cook thick filet mignons this weekend. Let’s see next time I BBQ.

We went to church to celebrate Easter. He has risen. We were shocked to receive a box of baby presents from the church members. We’ve only been to the church a few times (8-10) and here was a nice box of stuff for Baby CootieGirl. Toys, clothes, diapers, etc. This is a great church. People who care. Plus we got pieces of Easter cake. Now that we are finished with Lent, Jaynee and I can both partake. And parcake we did. I mean partake. Yummy.

Anyway, Happy Easter! Have a great work week. And don’t forget your keys.

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  1. Pretty good, eh? Hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful Easter! As you can see on the most recent post, Jaynee hurt her back. Hope it’s just a pulled muscle or something even more minor. She may go have it checked out today, but we also have a house cleaner coming today. Hope she can get both things done.

  2. Denis, you are the greatest. One couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law. You rake, you grill, you take her to dinner, you take her to church. What a guy.

    He is Risen, indeed! And it sounds as if you might have found a church home. They have certainly taken to you.

  3. Let’s not go that far. She actually drove to church. But once we got there she was dependent on me the whole time. *lol* Not easy getting up from seats without a little help these days.

    See you soon. Hopefully very soon. Jane is home with the cleaning woman. Can’t wait to get home and see a shiny “new” house.

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