Memphis In May

Denis and I have decided that next year we’re going to go to Memphis for our anniversary. Specifically, we’re going to the Memphis in May festival. Why, you ask, would anyone want to go to Memphis in May?

Well, it’s not cuz of Elvis (which is surprising since I was a HUGE Elvis fan growing up).

No, we’re going for the World Championship BBQ competition. Yummy goodness. Last night on Food TV they featured Al Roker’s BBQ Festival – which was all about his participation in the Memphis in May contest. After an hour salivating in front of our tv, we agreed that’s where we want to go for our next vacation.

So, next year we’ll be heading to Tennessee for a week – we’ll hit Nashville for a few days and then spend the remainder of the week in Memphis hitting the BBQ contest (as well as Graceland, I expect).

I can’t WAIT.

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  1. Richard and I went to a BBQ contest in Tryon, NC a couple of weeks ago. We had a good time, but it is expensive to try the different people’s ribs, pork etc. They sold it by the plate, or some sold a rib sample (3 ribs) for $5. Richard likes to go to the chili cook-off in October here in GA, and they give you little samples and YOU actually vote on the best chili, not just the judges. At any rate, it was something different to do.

  2. Dollywood is four hours east of Nashville, Memphis is four hours west of Nashville. The only way we’d hit Dollywood is if we fly into Memphis and fly out of Nashville. That would be more expensive, so I doubt that’ll happen. We’ll see…

  3. you know what? our (german) participant in these bbq championships was on tv last weekend – and i was salivating too! hehe! =)

  4. If you get thechance try the texas ribb rangers bbq it was awsome.But as Christy said it was a bit high for 3 peices of ribbs

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