So Friday’s MegaMillions is up to $106M ($45M for NJ takehome), so I thought I’d show more houses. This time I’m showing floorplans – since when you win that kind of money you can actually build your own house. Chances are high that at $45M banked I’d build a custom home, not a stock plan, but these plans are pretty nice nonetheless!

A dreamy Tudor

My Own White House

Going Gothic

The Villa

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  1. Love the house and the landscaping. I even love St. Louis. It was one of my favorite places that I had to travel to on business.

    The house reminds me a lot of Southfork from the show tv show “Dallas”.

  2. Uh. Ace, there are FOUR houses among those words “St. Louis here we come” – just in case you wanted to see ALL of the choices!

  3. Ooooo how sneaky, I didn’t even realize that you set it up that way. I bet I’m not the only one who made that mistake. *doh*

    I still like the Southfork house, but a second favorite is 2244 Kehrsgrove Ct. address with the 1110 Greystone Manor Pkwy address coming in third. My least favorite is the most expensive one of all 16843 Eaglebluff Ct. which surprises me the most since I usually am drawn to the most expensive of anything. Eaglebluff is too vanilla for my taste. I would still come to visit if you lived there though. *grin*

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Time for more house hunting! MegaMillions is up to a healthy $102M for Friday’s drawing. For those who have the privilege of living in New Jersey, the take-home on that is a cool $45M. Lots of damage can be done for $45M, people.

This time though, instead of buying a house, I’ve decided to buy land and build. Following is a house plan that I like were I to opt NOT to design a house with an architect:

Here is a lovely Victorian home that I would love to build. The only changes I’d make? Make it a 3-car garage, expand the master suite to 18×21, expand the entire right side of the house by 5 feet, and change the depth of the leisure room by another 3 feet. Other than that, it’s PERFECT.

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  1. Apparently no one won the jackpot because it’s up to $121 Million now. And we don’t have to bother checking our tickets because we forgot to get them. I wasn’t going out in the down pour we had yesterday with a baby getting over a virus to pick up lottery tickets. This too shall pass.

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  1. I love the way they describe them as “colonial style”, The only thing colonial about them is that they’re large enough for a colony! *G*

    Merry Christmas!

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