MegaMillions Update!

Phern, from Damaged Goods, beat me to the punch in a comment he left on yesterday’s post. But MegaMillions is up to $175M for Friday’s drawing. That’s right. $175M. For those lucky enough to live in NJ, that’s an $81M payday.

Time for another city (we’ve done Montclair, NJ and Raleigh, NC already). Today, we hit New Orleans, which is a city that Denis and I both love. And since we’ll be bringing home a bit more bacon with Friday’s drawings, the houses can also become a bit more…ostentatious.

Check these out!

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  1. I don’t mean to imply we’d move there – I am just looking at houses in various areas that Denis and I like. But we like NOLA enough to VISIT, not LIVE.

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