It seems we have a mouse in the house. How do I know this? Because Stinky walked into the living room calmly as can be holding it in her mouth. Cooper came to sniff around and she dropped it, but thankfully it was stunned enough that it didn’t run far before she scooped it up in her mouth and ran down to the basement.

Now, I’m alone in the house because Denis is out with friends tonight, so for a minute I didn’t know what to do. I was in the middle of feeding CootieGirl a bottle when I saw what Stinky had in her mouth, so I put CootieGirl in her swing and hoped she’d be content (luckily, she was). I followed Stinky to the basement to find out if the mouse was now alive or dead.

I came into the basement and saw Stinky just sitting here, this mouse in her mouth. Sadly, though, she didn’t know what do to with the mouse at that point, so she put it down again, then chased after it for a minute or so. While it was still scurrying around I tried to find something to put over the mouse so I could get it out of the house. But our basement, while chock full of crap, did not have any immediate items available for mouse-catching. Just as I found a cookie tin I could use, the mouse ran underneath some bookshelves and behind a bunch of boxes. It remains hidden away, probably suffering a slow death due to some teeth puncture wounds, but Stinky remains ever vigilent, waiting for it to come out so she can pounce on it again.

The problem as I see it now? No, it’s not the dead mouse I’ll have to dig out tomorrow evening (I’m not doing it now when I’m alone in the house – if it’s still alive and scurrying, I need another human to help me catch it). No, here’s the problem now: I don’t know where she got the mouse. I investigated, figuring the other cats would be huddled around some other room, waiting for another mouse to appear. That wasn’t the case. Ginger was snoozing in the cat hammock, Freddie was lounging on the day bed, and Mini came to the basement to see what all the fuss was about. I have no idea where Stinky got that mouse. I just hope this was a nomadic mouse, as opposed to a Daddy Mouse Scrounging for Family Food.

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  1. We have field mice that come in on occasion. Spanky has never caught one herself, we have traps that do it. They can get in through the most teensy tiny holes, I am told, usually to find water. Or if there has been some major noise or disturbance at their home, they come looking for another. Ew, is right.

  2. We think it came in through the garage – we have birdseed in there in a big bucket on some shelves, and we noticed last month that the sunflower seeds had all been eaten. So we knew there were critters afoot. I just never thought it would come in the HOUSE.

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