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Not “media” as in newspapers and anchormen, but rather books and movies.

I finished “Breaking Dawn” this weekend. Boy, what a letdown! *spoilers ahead – stop reading now* Bella becomes a vampire and in the final showdown with Aro and Caius….nothing happens? What’s up with that? Sheesh…the whole thing was boring but I was at least hoping for an epic battle for the vampiric ages. I think this book and the awful movie version of “Twilight” has ruined the entire series for me.

I watched “Corpse Bride” last night. It was visually appealing and an okay story. Tim Burton is one weird guy, isn’t he?

Denis and I went to go see “The Day The Earth Stood Still” today while some folks from church offered babysitting for the afternoon. What a craptastic movie that was. VERY boring (to the point where I fell asleep at one point) and I’m sorry, but Keanu Reeves may look fine in a suit, but after all these years he STILL can’t act. “Bill & Ted” and “Parenthood” were definitely his shining moments on screen.

Next up is finishing my other three books: “Kite Runner,” “Cash” and “Rise to Rebellion.”

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