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Schoolhouse Rocks rocks! I fear taking CootieBoy to “Wicked” last week has scarred him for life. The minute the lights went out in the theater he freaked out and cried, “I want to go home now, Mama!” But I got him calmed down and when the singers came out and sang all the best Schoolhouse Rock songs, he eventually got into it and finished out the play with a grin on his face. When the lights came up he smiled at me and exclaimed, “That wasn’t scary, Mama!” Poor thing. CootieGirl also enjoyed it although she was very restless in her seat for most of the show. The actors in the play were all fun and it was a good show.

After that we all headed home and then went out to a late lunch/early dinner. I wasn’t all that impressed with the restaurant (the glass of water I had tasted AWFUL, Denis’ sandwich came without the “B” in the “BLT,” and my potato salad was all mustard). Afterwards we headed over to a nearby ice cream shop where a couple of us enjoyed ice cream while the other two played with dominoes.

And just as I predicted this morning, Denis and I are about to turn on “Juno” even though it’s 10 p.m. at night. The good news? Neither one of us is on duty at church tomorrow, so we can sleep in and go to the 10:45 a.m. service! WOO HOOO!

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