Marmie Helped!

This weekend’s project was to put up the chandelier and ceiling tiles in our dining room. I bought the ceiling tiles after I got my year-end bonus at work, and they’ve been sitting in the garage since early January waiting for this holiday weekend when I’d have a day off and the kids in daycare to do the job.

However, the kids were home since we were all sick, but Marmie was there to keep the kids occupied while Denis and I stood on chairs and replaced our nasty chandelier with a nice new one (a Christmas gift from my granddad and stepgrandmother) and then put up 90% of the ceiling tiles. We have only the outside edges to do and the mouldings along the wall. The mouldings we got were way too big and so I placed a call to the manufacturer this morning who agreed to do an exchange for a smaller moulding. Those should arrive in the next couple of weeks.

In the picture the chandelier looks really small, but it’s not – the picture just makes our ceiling look really expansive. Regardless, though, the improvement is amazing and I’m really happy with it.

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